Welcome to Woofles Hotel and Grooming Parlour


Fully booked:

March 22nd until 28th

April 3rd until 6th 

May 13th until 17th 

May 22nd until 31st

June 14th until 28th

July 1st until 7th September

CLOSED 15th November until 5th December

Please ring:

07917 083 082 

 01482 891086

Woofles is a purpose built deluxe doggy hotel.

  • As it is a small concern, with only 14 rooms, we ensure everyone has individual care and attention.
  • All our guests have their own private bedrooms, with under floor heating, and an enclosed roofed terrace/balcony.                  
  • Music is piped into the rooms at key moments during the day to offer relaxation or stimulation.
  • There is an indoor play area for our clients to play with soft play toys, innovative toys and bubble machines.
  • Woofles Hotel sits on 1.6 acres so there is ample room for exercise which means that our clients are safely kept on the land.
  • All dietary needs are catered for and feeding times will suit each guest’s usual routines.
  • We offer a text service to keep you informed while you are away. Paws are great at texting .....
  • We do ask that all our guests are fully vaccinated and have had the Kennel Cough prevention too.




Professional Grooming

The grooming service can be booked for non-residents at Woofles Hotel.

The grooming room has the most incredible walk-in bath which can then be electronically lifted to the optimum height for a pampered bath. The professional groomers are fully qualified and  completely up to date with the methods and techniques for each breed. The grooming table is hydraulic, again to suit all individual needs. There is a professional drier to reduce ‘wet-time’.

Professional Grooming

Communication while you are away

We will provide a text service so you can receive a message however frequently you wish to hear about your dog's holiday while you are away!

Communication while you are away